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Just noticed

how rad it looks under my desk right now.

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Finally the video picks !

Stills from the Yeasayer video O.N.E. This was the day my camera broke..so I only shot Anand's singing part, and a bit of Ira on the mystical mirror pyramid bass.

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Just a Reminder


Natural Yeasayer History

Shot Yeasayer for the third time a couple weeks ago when they played the Natural History Museum. First time to hear the new songs.. so different and great!! I didn't hurt things that our good buddies Warpaint opened up the night with a major jamfest. The next day i headed over to their video shoot to get some behind the scenes shots, which i got, until my mirror flew right off my camera and I was done for the day. Can't show those yet, top secret. Make sure to click for more photos.

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Snowy daze

I'm back in LA, got a good night's sleep, sat in some traffic, then drive thru Starbucks, it's good to be home. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Snow is nice, unless its the day before a shoot that you've flown to Italy for, and the shoot is supposed to look like spring. The shoot days ended up being sunny, bone chillingly cold, but sunny. So these were some walking around shots from Sunday.



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Before the Snow

Walked around Saturday. Went to the best place ever, called Eataly.
Imagine, Whole Foods, but not pretentious, a whole floor for beer and wine, a room where you can buy whole wheels of cheese, another room that has huge gourmet meat hanging, that is "supposed to be covered in mold." Now thats fancy!! and the place includes 6 different restaurants, we had pizza, which it turns out no one knows what you're talking about unless you ask for piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiizza, then they're all over it. Also, our cab driver loved Korn, (the band), and had a stuffed little person to prove it. Plus i've watched a lot of BBC, to try to negotiate through my jet lag at night.

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