Bendigo, thereyago

For the third Sabertooth show, we had the pleasure of playing with and being sonicly destroyed by both BLE and TNB. It was quite a Seppo sandwich in Bendigo. Ok, I realised that the term seppo hasn't been explained yet. Its an old Australian slang thing to rhyme words and make them into slang terms that have the same meaning as the term of which you just rhymed. For example, "horse's hoof = poof (homosexual)", therefore septic tank rhymes with yank which is short for yankee, which is the English term for American. And now, if you shorten Septic Tank to Seppo, there you have the name for American.. Also yes, I asked if it had anything to do with Americans being full of shit.. and they said no, that it just happened to rhyme..hmmm.. anyway, on to the show. All three bands BLE, TNB and us rented a van, and drove the 2 1/2 hours up to a little town called Bendigo. Very slow Chinese food, but a fun show was had. We had to be outta there and done playing by midnight, because once again an 18 and over dance party was about to start, and we weren't going to be any part of it. Obviously if the music is too loud, you're too young, cause all they wanted to hear was a little bit of Timberlake coming out of the speakers. The Next day we awoke and were treated to a Barbeque, and we beat the aussies in a boomarang throwing contest. We had to buy the boomarangs, the aussies hadn't ever thrown one. Imagine that?

Chris filming Black Level Adam and Dan Nation Blue getting prepped for the ride to Bendigo.

Brett Level in his bright whites..

Potatos replace shrimps when you're staying with Veggies


TNB = "Three (almost) Nude Boys"

I caught chris hunting.

Matt getting ready for the TNB shoot that happened right after this.

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Jetlag Hangover

Thursday, Chris and I woke up early, cause our inner clock wasn't aclimated to the future yet, and Matt dropped us off somewhere by the water and we aimlessly walked around like zombies, taking in the sights, drinking coffee and eating green eggs and ham, well at least I ate the green eggs and ham. Also knowing that we were going to get shown up by The Nation Blue at the East Brunswick club later in the evening didn't make things any easier. That night, we also played with the band Shooting at Unarmed Men, which is John Chappel, the singer from McClusky's new band. Nice Surprise. There I also found out that it is Mo-vember, which is where dudes grows their moustachios during the month of November, for charity. Kind of like an Aids walk, but with a hairier upper lip.

The Nation Blue even killed soundcheck

Brett level Embassy

Shooting at Unarmed Men

And the TNB proceeded to pummell Melbourne for the first time in 6 months.. Ouch!!

Yes, their set ended with a guitar stuck in the ceiling..

Mo-vember or just extremely hip?? you decide

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