Check out the new swindle magazine . Jeremy, Claire and I all got the cover for issue 4. My photo is from a story I shot about highschool drumline competitions. Sweet peet, my first cover. Thanks to everyone at swindle for actually printing a magazine perfectly. I just shot another story for the next issue, out on the Santa Monica peir, this weekend also... gotta wait awhile for those shots.

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sorry, my server is down right now so the photos aren't linking..
please check back a little later and everything will be back up and running..


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FINALLY!!! I update...

here are some pics of the last 3 weeks... lemme break it down for yah...
family came to town- got hitched "photo by noe montes" - then went to spain and portugal...
this is just a preview...there will be many more photos where these came from...


abbie's first time to the ocean


gettin' hitched

pig's leg in seville

catholic stuff

Michelle at the bullring

us two in seville

pelt at the flee market

luz, portugal

travelling to lisbon

ruins in lisbon

good ole' jesus....

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