Studio time

I went into the studio and Adria, one of my studio mates, was working on a new project with a a big grasshopper, so we decided to take some photos. He shot some film and I shot some of the digitals, these are some of mine.

Here is a shot of Adria at his house, shot a couple weeks ago.

and again.

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Ohh the rain

Rain is great when you don't see it too often.

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Went on a walk in the morning

Los Angeles really can be an amazing place if you're looking. This was our walk around the blocks on Sunday morn. And it was just like old times, w/ the 50mm.

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If you haven't heard them.. download 2080 and Sunrise
I just shot them at their troubador show and at UCLA. UNBELIEVABLE!! Musically, one of the best shows i've been to in years.

more of those photos soon

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Family Reunion

First little family reunion in awhile. My brother and his family moved to Santa Cruz this year, so my Mom, Sister Jessi and her husband Nick, all came down to Santa Barbara and we had a week of fun in the sun this summer. A little beach, a little zoo, some pool and some surf, made for a really great time.

Jason has to carry out all of Abby's B-day loot

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My New Haircut

Thats just it, simple as that. I originally decided that I wanted to grow my hair out until Lyla was born, so I would have long hair in the first batch of baby photos. I figured it would look better during future photo album parties. " Dad look at your hair!!! You were such a hippy/dirtbag!" Anyway, it was getting a little out of control, and I figured I needed to take control again.

Started here

Then went a little Flock of Seagulls/Greaseball


No turning back

Done! Other that a good showering

Michelle, stepped in to survey the damage

for now

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