Darker My Love in and on the LA Alternative

So first I will start out by explaining my supergeniousness. During our amazingly sweet California HEAT WAVE, I decided to schedule a shoot at 2:30 in the afternoon on Monday, in the middle of a mostly concrete river, when it was over 100 degrees. Tim, Andy, Jerod, Rob and Tony, you can thank me later. These shots were all shot for the Darker My Love cover story in the LA Alternative, music issue which is out today.. go get it!!

Ohhh snappp. Toni's definately representin'!!!

Now for the fun part.. this was right before i think i saw someone pooring drugs or ashes into the river.. oh but i digress
Here's our beautiful LA river.. these are some of my location scouting photos before the shoot, when it was only 99 degrees.

ahh so cute... i now only take bird photos, it's official.

Pirate rafts abound... aaarrrrrgghh matey!!

Need i say more?

So this is a metal box, that someone wants to build a floating house out of.. that has a little something written on it.

"It jsut might work, So please Don't Fuck it up!!"

"It will work, So Dont Fuck with it. Dont waste all of our time. Thanks-"

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Totally Pooling Around

As long as I've lived in LA, I've only known a couple people with pools. And they always end up moving, bummmerrrrr... So during this insanely, ultra, super crazily hot as ever week I've been able to go swimming twice. And I've been happy as a clam with two pool weekends in a row. First weekend was the World Cup finals up at Michelle's parents place in Camarillo, and this weekend Christopher was gracious enough to have us over to his place for some insane waterball. There were ripped up feet, broken noses, bruised shins, broken nails, dead lizards, broken elbows, and old broken fingers, IT WAS GREAT!!!!

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