Finders keepers

I found the original un-photoshopped shot that I took for the second bronx record - The Bronx - and went searching for a good image of the CD, to show a quick before and after.. and looky look what I found. I couldn't have said it any better myself..

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Warped Tour

Went to see Matt play (and to drink all of Adam's Guiness') at his last warped tour date of the summer with Angels and Airwaves... Welcome home buddy!! Also saw John Cheese, for the first time in awhile. I think he'll be up at GTFU soon enough.

Yeah, even though they sang or yelled every word, they still want blink back..

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Michelle's B-Day

Happy Birthday!!! (thats what we said on Aug. 15th) We had a day at the new beautiful Vista Hermosa park, (which Michelle had a huge hand in designing the landscape of.) then we had a BBQ at the house that turned into Target practice shooting at photographers.. there were a lot of them there.

The birthday girl

Riley has learned the eye poke and the mouth gouge, he jumped up there on his own too!!

Jeremy, Eli, and his headband were the first to the BBQ.

Dan Monick gets all archery on our asses

Famous 1960's photojournalist Jeremy Michael Weiss.

Done partying

still partying

done partying

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The Melvins and Music Music Music

One of the greatest things about shooting pictures for a living is getting to work with people who you've respected, listened to or watched for a large portion of your life. That was exactly the case when Alarm Magazine called me to shoot The Melvins for this month's cover. I've listened to their music since high school and have seen them a ton since then.. even when Leif Garret went out on tour with them to sing smells like teen spirit. (pretty much as an excuse to drink whiskey out in the van while listening to metal, and to get a free ride to New York to do the Howard Stern show) (allegedly). I posted the layouts below, and some of the out takes. Also a new mag. called MusicMusicMusic out of Brooklyn just landed on my doorstep yesterday. Big 11x14 layout, and i had no idea way it came to me, but i was happy it did. Then I opened to page 20 and there were my pics of No Age, from last years Fyeah Fest. Another great thing about picture taking for a living, you give someone photos 9 months earlier who has an idea for a magazine or a zine in good faith, and a magazine actually shows up out of the blue on your doorstep. I can't even say that about most magazines, that have been around for ever, and actually claim to pay!! so check it out for sure.. listen to Melvins and No Age below..

Billy Fish - Melvins - Nude with Boots
Don't Stand Still - No Age - Eraser

Billy Fish - Melvins - Nude with Boots
Don't Stand Still - No Age - Eraser

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