Michelle got some tickets to check out the Griffith Observatory last night. After being closed for 4 years for renovations, they're almost ready to open for the general public. We got a sneak preview, so there was still a bit of construction going on, but the new downstairs area was pretty amazing, as was the lady sitting next to einstein, the guy completely amused by the fact that he could take photos infront of the earth, and of course the view is always spectacularific.

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Desert Oohlah Eaglers

The new Oolahs record is out, go get it. They played live at Cinespace the same night Devin dj'd.
Ole Desert Eagles was loaded before he got there..
this guy had clown makeup on and his credit cards were sitting on his chest. we didn't ask

Desert eags on the way home

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Jet to Chicago

I went to Chicago to shoot Jet for a Myspace secret show and I have to admit they were great. They played a set, stopped and had beers with all the folks, and then played all they're hits. I ate peppered steak for the first time. mmmm.

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Dirty Little Video

Dirty Little Secret
I dropped by the set while Dirty Little Secret was shooting their first video. EG Daly, the voice of the Rugrats and Power Puff Girls is the main character and it's gonna be amazing, here are a couple shots.

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Sonicly Youthful Mustache

Ashley from the Orange County Museum of Art called me up and asked if I would want to shoot live shots of Sonic Youth at the museum.. Are you kidding? Just give me the date and time. The show was amazing, they played a bunch of the hits, had a billion guitars, and made fun of orange county, in a funny way. It was also the California Biennial, so Scott was there with My Barbarian, Pearl had some big ass paintings up, and her brother has the best asian mustache ever.

Yes Thurston's tuning is G#, E, G#, E, G#, E :: String size 20,22,20,28,38,48 pretty normal

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