All up in Cana-DUUUHHHH

I met Heidi Greenwood a year ago in Australia. She has since moved to Vancouver, Canada. Being extremely resourceful and full of coffee (i imagine), she has decided to make use of the extra day in February this year to throw a group photoshow and asked me to be a apart of the fun. Run on sentence? YES!!

"the world according to..."
opening Feb. 29th
7:00pm @ East 3rd gallery
1898 main street
Vancouver, BC

Below is a preview of the two triptychs that I sent.
They are both titled..
Photos from heaven, on the flight home from my dad's funeral.

east 3rd gallery

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new old new

Here are somewhat new photos..Mostly randoms

Lighting test from my science shoot.. the booties were included..

Our OCD cat who only drinks from the sink or the bathtub

I went up to Mtn. High to go snowboarding as an early birthday present.

I didn't shoot any photos of snow, but i did shoot some photos of the windstorm that happened on the way down. Its all the clear stuff you cant see inbetween the bush and the mountains. it was moving super fast.

Possum outside the house, they're easily scared by running cats.

these are just to trip you out

did it work?





Went out to the desert with Angels and Airwaves to shoot some stills for their new video..

Also was very windy.

Jeremy and Claire had little baby Eli, and these were taken right before christmas

sooo cute..

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