To the zoo



Thanks to Dave at the 6th St. Warehouse.

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Buzz Aldrin Day

Michelle just called and told me it's Buzz Aldrin Day in LA.. What it means I guess is that he gets an interview full of crappy questions on My Fox LA, I like Jillian, I mean she joked that she was pregnant with Buzz's baby right when he hugs her, but the others are such doofs. Well here's a photo i shot of Buzz for Swindle mag. a couple years ago.. He was awesome, and this was taken the morning of the story of the female astronaut in the diaper who drove across some state to stalk that other astronaut. Do you remember that? Yeah, he was getting calls about it the whole morning I was there, as an expert on astronauts. What a strange life people lead. Happy Buzz day Buzz.

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Brother Reade, Australia Tom and trees



slashers and thrashers..

Old dirty film.. Surfing SF, Unwound, Portland

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clunker vs. flat tire and a little rust

P.O.S in the new Alarm

Go check out the new Alarm Magazine/mini-book issue #35. I shot P.O.S out in the back of a hollywood hotel. Also, Noah shot the cover, and Bryan have some great shots of Anavan inside.. checka check it out.

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the backroom



orange light

don't know if there is a fire somewhere or not, but the light is pink/orange in LA today.. probably just one of the beautiful things that smog can do

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New portfolio sneak peek

I'm so psyched, I've had my new layout finished for awhile but I just went to pickup my new covers yesterday.. and I've never been happier about my book.. I'm doing a quick layout fix on my site, and then everything will be up there.. until then here are all the spreads.. or go here to see the full size images.

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