New, Old kinda,

So I've been super busy and unfortunately a lot of what i've been shooting hasn't been printed yet. I did a shoot for Getty Images, that I'll put up, or link to when they're up, which should be in the next month or so, thanks to everyone who helped out with that one, it was a looong day. Still waiting for the shots of E from the Eels for the cover of Alarm magazine to run, and I just shot 2 thing for Swindle mag. One is a shot of John who owns a Soda shop here in LA that sells hundreds of kinds of Soda and yesterday I shot Don LaFontaine, who is the voice behind all the movie trailers for the last 40 years.. Pretty radical. I'm also finishing up the Annual report for Guitar Center, which has been o long work in progress, but pretty fun. That stuff won't be out for another couple months. Also, a couple months ago I shot press shots of an artist named Elan for Interscope, I should be able to put those up soon. So there is going to be a big update to my site, and a whole new portfolio soon. Anyway, here are a couple new shots in the meantime. werd

My new little nephew cedric, he was actually born in October..he was a bit premature so this is him the day before he left the hospital with my brother..

Black level Embassy came through LA to play some shows with Sabertooth Tiger after they recorded in Chicago. They're from Australia and are super duper keeeeler.

And last but not least, here are the better-res shots of Indian Jewelry who i shot for the LA Alternative. I've shot a couple covers for them recently and it's been a hoot..

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LA Alternative

Just shot photos of Indian Jewelry for the cover of the LA Alternative. Notice my amazing copystand work!! Check for the real shots very soon as I'm going to be doing a much needed update to my site, new portfolio, potraits, and everything.. so friggin exciting..

Also, Keep a look out for the next Alarm Magazine, issue #23. Not sure when it's dropping, but i shot the cover story for that bad boy too... here's a little smidgin of a test of a shot that gonna possibly be used.


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