OK city..

Just got back from shooting a Myspace Secret Show in Oooooooooooooklahoma cty. I had no car in the morning so I walked around the hotel which was out by the airport.. It snowed a foot there, which was more than they'd had in about 30 years.

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Beach House

I haven't put up a large photo post in awhile so here goes.. Beach House was supporting Grizzly Bear at the Palladium in October. My good buddy Jason is their manager and hired me to come hang out and take some pics before during and after the show. I have to say i was fighting a crazy head cold, and was looped up on a bunch of cough medicine so its a little hazy, but it was fun, and the show was really amazing. This brings me to my point. I feel weird being a photographer in the photo pit. I think i have control issues, and this show wasn't very crazy with photographers, but I rarely want to post photos from the pit, because I feel like there are probably 10 of the same photos floating around by 10 different photogs. Although the pits are super comfortable, convenient, and necessary, I feel like I'm in a treestand with 15 other hunters waiting for the dancing deer to walk by, and then we all get to fire off machine guns for awhile and its over, all the while trying not to knock each other out of the tree or shoot each other in the face on accident. I am jaded. I try to remember the fact that I get to see all these bands closer than everyone else, the fact that i get the seat right in front of the most dedicated fans. How excited i was to shoot Queens of the Stoneage at the Palladium years ago, limping in and out of the pit on crutches with a broken leg and my half broken nikon n90s... anyway, no more jaded, here are some photos from in and out of the photo pit.

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Shot good buddys Slang Chickens today

Slang Chickens kicked out a new one for my THIS series today.. I love those guys. Click on the puppy who was purchased from a couple down the street from the gallery today.. cutest thing ever!

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Find Mommy

Lyla has officially found out how to find mommy in the picture..

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Spring Summer


Tod at THIS


Doubles in Columbus


Sums it up

This sums up my shoot with Slang Chickens yesterday..
Awesome dudes.

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My morning - no jacket

I am late getting my Australia photos up, and have a good amount of travel next week, its the first of the month and i forgot to send rent, phone bill paid today, been working to get a new project. started with 4 friends that i'm really excited about, but it requires building, writing proposals, getting a business license and working on promotion ideas, printing another portfolio, setting up 4 december shoots so far, and a personal project, I've been a little swamped lately. I dropped Lyla off at daycare this morning and I had to go check out a location, but i just decided to start driving east instead to clear my head, because I had a couple extra hours. After zoning out for about 15 minutes, getting off the freeway and heading towards the mountains, I ended up parked in front of this canyon and bridge. 40 minutes later I was deep in the middle of a silent canyon looking at a waterfall. Waterfalls are weird, because they can instantly make a regular hike into some kind of an adventure, and walking around a corner and finding one on accident, I felt like I struck gold. Back to the house by noon. These times are also one of the main reasons that I love living in LA. Its so fun to explore, it reminds me of being a kid.
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