Piles and Walls

On my walk the other day I decided I needed a subject to shoot. So I chose 2. Piles and Walls. No significance, but I'm sure I can drum something up if anyone needs some.

First pile.

Double wall

Pile and a wall, jackpot!!

Double Wall

This is more of a stack than a pile, but hey..

Cemetary wall

My old Elementary school wall.

I think this is a pile, but its almost a stack

Definately a pile

I may have to start a projects of stacks

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Afternoon at the park

Went out to Manito Park with my brother his wife Erin and the kids to have a picnic, play on the swings and feed the ducks. Cedric has decided to wear his rubber boots everywhere now, no matter what, even if he can only find one, and its on the wrong foot.

Pretending to be shy.

This is what happens the very first time you ever see someone using a leaf blower.

Zorie pretending not to want her photo taken.

The girls decided they wanted to pose next to the flowers.

Abby posing.

The sod pile.

Dead flowers from the pile.

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