Storm' a brewin..

I saw my first thunder and lightning storm in a long time. I grew up with thunderstorms, but since I've been in LA, I've seen maybe 2, and they're nothing like a real northwest storm. And now i realize that a northwest storm is nothing like a midwest storm. This storm came out of nowhere, and was green..


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Eat my dust

Old film.. new scans.. I've been going through tons of old stuff, and scanning at will .. my scanner screwed up on the gareth scan, but it gave him a cute colorfull mustache, so I kept it in.. clicky for bigger

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Glasvegas pic..

Here are a couple glasvegas shots from the vegas show.. click to see it bigger

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Me and Mike G in the Place to be.

Mike Galt and I were on a bunch of trips in the last couple months.. Some with mustache and some without, but always fun..

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Vegas, day trip

This is how the first picture went down. I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago to shoot Glasvegas playing at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. Across the street there was a Marilyn statue and a blue pool underneath a couple empty swings in front of a gentleman's club. About an hour later, someone turned to me and said, "hey look, there's someone on the swing." I crossed the street and asked the girl if I could take her picture. She told her friend she'd call her right back, looked at me and said "Five bucks". I told her I didn't have $5, I was a photographer working across the street and just wanted to take a picture of her. "Where are you gonna put em?" I gave her my website, she put it into her phone and said "you're lucky, I never let anyone take a picture for free." She started to pose on the swing and I asked her to just stay like she was and to call her friend back. I shot four frames and said thanks. Then she said. "And by the way, I'm not a fuckin' stripper, so don't say that I am on your website." so I promised. She's not a stripper.


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Shepard's warehouse space

Shepard's warehouse work space is right down the street from my house, and I stopped by as they were getting a bunch of pieces ready for his retrospective and the Obama portrait show.. this was from Jan. I just forgot to put em up..

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