Finally some snow in Tahoe

A bunch of us fools went up to Tahoe to go snowboarding and it just so happened to snow like crazy!! Problem is, i didn't get any photos of the snow or snowboarding part. But the drinking and having fun part was widely documented.

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All work and no play aint no fun.

It's been a crazy couple of months. Here's a quick rundown.
Music Stock for Jupiter Images, a story about cooking with weed and whisky for flaunt, Elvis Perkins for Interview, Presidents Day Card and +44 for Guitar Center, +44 also for Myspace, watching Rennie totally FLEX!! and going to party's with squirrely hammocks.

Music Stock

Guitar Center Presidents Day Card

Flaunt Magazine

Elvis Perkins for Interview Magazine

Rennie getting his flex on

If you could light a cigarrette with a cell phone, it would be the most perfect device.
+44 for Guitar Center

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Michelle and I finally got up to mammoth this year on MLK weekend, (i know, its a bit late) and it was amazing. It was perfect, a couple inches of new snow, a condo walking distance from eagle lodge and -5 degrees at night to keep all the complainers off the slopes.

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