3 frames and 5 minutes apart, and I didn't realize it until the next day

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Asheville NC Holiday Inn

I'm in Asheville, NC for a Baroness Secret Show tonight.. It's beautiful here. I went out to walk around and saw this kid on the other side of the lot. As I started walking over there the sun peaked out for about 30 seconds just in time for the shot, was covered by clouds after 3 frames, and it was back to work for him and to the Waffle House across the street for me.. I didn't get his name because the mower was way too loud..

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New Website is UP!!!

Finally after almost a year of redoing my portfolio, having a new book made and then deciding that I needed to re-organize and laying out my website...the new www.aaronfarley.com is finally up!! I'd love to hear any feedback. Neal built the backend and Jessi worked with me to re-do my portfolio from scratch.. Very very lucky and thankful.

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the cutest

I had to put up the pic of Lyla in her new/vintage snow suit. I know, we live in LA, and she'll grow out of it by the time it gets cold enough to snow at any mountains around here, but sometimes cuteness trumps everything else.

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Eagle Rock Fest

We stopped by the eagle rock music festival on Saturday. ate some hawaiian BBQ and had to leave early cause it was getting cold and Lyla wasn't havin' it. They block of the street, it's free, 60 bands play on 4 different stages, every type of person you could imagine, super fun. make sure to click below for more..

Lyla goofing off in front of the cops

Sheffield was watching Eli for the afternnon

Checks are in.

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Our friend Ruben had his first feature open today, called Zombieland. Congratulations!! So exciting!! Go see it, I've only heard great things.
Here's a picture we took a couple years back at Hollywood Park..

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