Beginning of a great weekend.. Money and Watts

My great weekend started a night early, when my band, Sabertooth Tiger, played at Spaceland with Drinkers Purgatory, Toys that Kill, and Los Punkinheads. Money Mark and Mike Watt are Punkinheads, and jammed their way into eternity.

Money Mark rocked a ton of equipment

Mike looks like he's sleeping, but he's just feelin' it.

Boom Bip, Dangermouse, and Money Mark - a bunch of great records in those heads

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On Friday, Michelle and Gina's sister, and my sister in-law, Corine had a healthy baby boy.. Brody Ryan Musgrove.
Congrats Cori and Gregg!!

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Camping at the beach

On Friday Michelle, Gina, Biehl and I went camping at El Capitan beach, up in Santa Barbara. Super fun.
I ended up taking a bunch of photos of beginning photography stuff.. you know, barbed wire in a log, waves, flowers, faces in flames. Going old school!!!

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Willie , Ryan, and Neko.

Then on Sunday, Michelle's parents took us to see Willie Nelson, the red haired stranger, at the Hollywood Bowl. Neko Case and Ryan Adams openned up for him, and we had the expensive seats, where we were surrounded by sleeping old people. The show was great, first time seeing Willie.

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