Sacramento News and Review, LA Alternative, and Lo-Fi.

I shot the cover story about Carl Boggs, a political writer out of LA for the Sacramento News and Review and another cover for the LA Alternative about LA teachers who are also in bands and involved in the music scene. Also that week I shot a bunch of belts and these glasses for Lo-Fi.

PACE- prounounced pa-chay, means peace in Italian.

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Rainy in New Jersey

Flew out to New Jersey to shoot the Ray Lamontagne Secret show for Myspace. It really was a great show, even though Ray is quite shy about photography. I almost saw a bar fight within 15 minutes of being at my hotel. Ahhh jersey..

Jennifer, Jay, and Doug were Ray's backing band, and took me to dinner.. Awesome.

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New Portfolio Section

I just put up a new portfolio section on my site. Check it here.

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F- Yeah Fest

Fuck yeah fest was fun this year, they brought you the first incarnation of Sex Eyes on friday.. The Thermals, Dios Malos, Giant Drag, Brother Reade, No Age, Envy, uhhh.. and a bunch more.. I haven't had lunch yet today and my brain doesn't work anymore.. Here are some of the shots.

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And back to Spokane

We left Helena and made a B line right to the Cataldo Mission. My Grandma had found some old photos taken possibly by my great grandmother of the mission in the 30's and we dropped by to donate them. Then when we got home all the kids were on there way over for another backyard crazyness fest. right after bbq'd burgers.

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