It's an antfarm...

last night i ended up using my macro lens to take some photos of our small "ant problem"
this one is trying to drag a dead fly, probably 10 times its size, across the bathroom floor.

walking across the railing

dragging some huge shit home

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Hollywood park..

heres a shot that i took of ruben fleisher at hollywood park racetrack. we lost money :(
bigger version

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Gyroscope press-shots..

Here are a couple of the press photo outtakes that i took for Gyroscope..
It was fun day of running around LA in the scorching heat and geting honked at and yelled at by cars while shooting... which i don't really get, people just yelling at someone people getting their picture taken...hmm
anyway, one of the neighbor kids thought they were from american idol, i guess to a little kid being in a band isn't any dofferent than being on american idol.

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I've been behind the scenes....and have seen it all..

This sunday was an amazing day of fun, flat-tires, heat, sunburns, rattlesnakes, wind, cold french fries, desert twisters, and did i mention fun? I shot the "behind the scenes" video footage for a band out of Perth, Australia called Gyroscope. They were shooting about an hour and a half north east of LA at the El Mirage dry lake bed.. you guessed it, same place where they shot the "california love" video. 2pac RIP.. anyway, i managed to shoot some stills also.. so here they be....

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stock shots

If you head over to picturearts.com, and search "aaron farley" there are some images in the Nonstock and Botanica collections for licensing.. go take a look...


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BBQ summer fun..

BBQ at the house of "The Coug" last weekend...

go america!!

Lizzy and corn

Mike and Eva

Joe and annie's dog

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