The Dirty Dirty

Michelle and I took a trip down to the dirty south, specifically Atlanta, a couple months ago to visit our friends Alana and Brian. It was a whirlwind 4 day excursion that included Radiohead live, fried chicken, dead snakes, volleyball, cheese grits, sharing appetizers with strangers, tree farms, horses, odoul's, volleyball, modern homes, wierd eye allergies and Wii cattle racing among other things. All in all, even though we didn't see Ludacris, we had a really amazing trip, we were treated like a king and queen and can't wait to go back.

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Crazy heat!! And I ain't talking about the cops.

Oh man its a scorcher in LA!!
Anyway, my new improved website, is so close i can taste it. Its gonna be the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Also this month, I have a photo of Aaron Cohen in the new Flaunt..The first shot in our new backyard. Read the article, he's a slave hunter. Basically goes to places that are enslaving people for work, or human trafficking and works to free them. He shared stories over a couple guinesses and we talked about the bible.
And this was a couple months ago.. but I shot Kate Nash for Paper Mag. and Thrasher used some of my photos for their NO AGE article. Yes! If you'd have told me I would have shots in Thrasher 20 years ago I probably would have said, puuhhleeeaaasss don't get crazy. Then I would keep eating my otterpop.

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