L.A. turned into Hell-A for a day.

We happen to live about 3 blocks from Griffith Park, where fire was raging in the beginning of May. And I had the day to run around and do some shooting. I think it ended up burning about 400 acres or so..

This kid was taking his lizard out for a stroll in the park.

Horse training cowboys.

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Vertigo at the Cemetery, plus the Dodgers

Went to see Vertigo at the cemetary. They show the movies outdoor on the side of a mosoleum.. While you drink, eat and stand in long lines for the porta john on the grounds of the cemetery. Unfortunately we missed the movie this week, Harold and Maude, which Jeremy said was awesome, (especially the fireworks from Paramount at the end). But we did get Dodgers tickets right behind home plate, so i think it was worth it, although it was a boring game... the $10 beers were so tasty.

Riley has already learned to smirk, watch out ladies.

James Denton throwing a couple back.

Here's the pitch for the only homer in the game.

driving home.

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