Piebald - at the warehouse

It seems I've been going to Dave Young's warehouse a lot lately, and this time it was too see Piebald, a couple weeks ago. Oh man, crowd surfing, a couple drinks here and there, and Neal getting up to sing the part about his old band In My Eyes. Always the funnest.

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NO AGE - Warehouse -- booyah

I finally saw No Age for the first time. I had shot Randy for the LA Alternative "teachers who rock" cover photo. He teaches at a grade school in Lincoln Heights.. And Dean I've known for years, from him being the Buddyhead "intern". Until some wierdness went down which ended up with 3 dudes showing up at Dean's house accusing him of stealing some stuff, and almost getting destroyed by 20 or so dudes in from here and North Carolina, who ended up being Jimmy and Erin of Brother Reade. Oh those were the days, head butts and all. Anyway, the two of them who were in the Wives have come together to form and Destroy with the band NO AGE... I think "Everybody's down" is gonna be the hit of the summer, i had it on repeat all night last night... and if you rob a bank wear a no age bandana and then run to a show.. they'll never be able to find you cause everyone will have one on.

I was only there for no age.. but Mika Miko played too.. and ruled i heard


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