Bullfights in TJ

Tijuana bullring
I got a call from my friend Noe asking if I wanted to check out the bullfights in Tijuana this weekend and I hadn't ever been. Coincidentally, Michelle was hanging out in San Diego for the weekend so we decided pick her up on the way and to head down south. Bullfights are intense to say the least. Watching six bulls getting ceremonially killed right infront of you is shocking and emotionally draining. I'd seen it on t.v. before but wasn't totally prepared for the actual act. I had a great time, maybe i'll write a bit more about it later... here are some photos...

Getting ready to cross the border

Wierd little palm tree

Michelle outside, waiting for tickets

Michelle outside, waiting for tickets

Michelle outside, waiting for tickets


This guy made the best carne asada tacos ever.. and when i showed him this photos he said.. "ahh guapo".. i agree

Cokes before the fight

First matador

First matador

Everyone booed these guys..called picadors.. they were short fat dudes "like danny devido" on top of big horses..cause they stab the bull with these huge lances to weaken it...

Noe, smoking a sweet ass cigar and wearing my sweet ass hat

Getting ready for the final kill


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Sabertooth tiger at spaceland this monday !!FREE!!

Come down to the FREE monday night show at Spaceland (LA) on Monday 5/15
with The Bronx, Wires on Fire The Architects and us.

We play at 9:30 pm *sharp*.

Come early, there was a line around the building last week by 10:00 PM.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The Bronx
Wires on Fire
SaberTooth Tiger (9:30pm)

at Spaceland
1717 Silver Lake Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90026


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