Mini - Golf and Games

Mini golf and video games in the Valley. Don't really know why this one starts with a toilet. But here you go.

this kid hit the jackpot

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Julius Schulman, Willy, Chopper, an ant hill and a couple Biehls

Photographer Julius Schulman spoke at a SilverLake Community meeting. Its amazing seeing legends, especially when they just remind you of anybodies grandpa. He kept psst-ing me to come over while all these other people were speaking and I finally went over there and he said "my name is julius schulman, i'm a famous photographer, and i think you should be over there shooting pictures of all those kids having fun, cause thats what its really about." or something to that affect. Very true.

Biehl at the res.

new little Willy

Huge ant hill


Riley as Elvis.


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Seattle Hotel

I spent a couple days in and out of a Travellodge in Seattle about a month ago.

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Music !!!!!!!!!

My blog posts have been lacking lately, so I'm goin to throw up some categories. Well at least with this one. It's Music y'all.

Entrance outtake from the LA Record

Entrance outtake from the LA Record

Rage at Coachella
BRMC Video shoot

We Played with Qui and The Burning Brides at the echo plex.. it was my first time seeing David Yow in action.. He called the burning brides, The Burning Bridges, which was pretty funny.

Yow or Bigfoot?

HR of Bad Brains fame, played at the 6th st warehouse. He tricked a bunch of people to come down by saying that Bad Brains were gonna play. Didn't happen, but there were still a couple good songs.


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